adidas snapshotWant to improve your soccer skills with technology? Now thanks to Adidas, you can. The company has recently released an app called the Adidas Snapshot which basically tells you how hard and how fast you are kicking the ball. Based on the screenshots we’ve seen, it can also tell if you what angle you are kicking the ball.Sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re looking to improve your accuracy and speed of your kicks, then this could be the answer to that. Now if you’re thinking that maybe you will need some kind of hi-tech soccer ball that pairs with the app, think again. The app will actually be able to measure your metrics just by using your smartphone’s camera.This is versus other hi-tech sporting equipment in which an actual device is needed to help improve your game, like the recently announced Wilson X Connected Basketball which actually comes with built-in sensors to help gauge your shots which could then be used to improve upon your game.In any case the Adidas Snapshot app itself is free and is available via the Google Play Store and also from the iTunes App Store for both Android and iOS users, so take it for a spin if you think that this could help with your games in the future.

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