Oculus-Rift-5When it comes to virtual reality headsets, you have companies like Sony, Oculus, and HTC who are working to bring virtual reality to the mainstream. Then you have companies like Google and Samsung who offer up makeshift VR headsets through the use of smartphones and apps designed for them.


Basically it sounds like virtual reality is set to be the next big thing, but the question is how big? According to a report from Juniper Research (via Develop), it seems that analysts expect that by 2020, manufacturers would have shipped as many as 30 million virtual reality headsets and that revenue from hardware sales will exceed $4 billion by that time.

The report goes on to add that while virtual reality will be largely used by video games, it is expected that eventually they could be used for industrial and even medical purposes. The North American market is also expected to be the biggest market for VR during this time, while other regions like the Far East and Asia will follow.

As it stands, the major VR headsets from Sony, Oculus, and HTC have yet to launch commercially. However it is expected that come 2016, we should be able to see these devices become more mainstream, although for now pricing is still somewhat of a mystery.

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