curved_display_patentPhones with curved displays aren’t new, and thanks largely to Samsung, they are starting to gain more steam. In fact earlier this year there were reports that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge actually outsold the regular Galaxy S6. That being said, could Apple be interested in getting on the curved display bandwagon?

According to a patent, it would seem to suggest that the Cupertino company has at the very least toyed with the idea. The patent basically depicts a mobile device with a curved display. However instead of curving inwards, the curved display in Apple’s patent curves outwards. This supposedly helps create the illusion that the phone is bigger than it really is.

The patent also covers how the screen could be flexible, thus making it stronger and less susceptible to breaking as it could flex to absorb any damage. As you can see in the patent, it shows some potential UIs for such a device, where the volume rockers could be an on-screen feature by the side.

In any case the patent itself is pretty old and was filed for back in 2013. What this means is that Apple might not necessarily be looking to make it a reality, but more towards protecting their intellectual property, but what say you? Are curved displays the future, or do you think they’re still considered a novelty?

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