canon_vrIs virtual reality the next big thing? It must be, after all we’re seeing companies like Facebook paying a ton of money for virtual reality companies such as Oculus. We’re also seeing players from the likes of Sony getting into the game. Even companies that deal with mobile such as HTC and Samsung are also trying their hand.


This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Canon could be interested as well. This is according to a report from Engadget who managed to try their hands at a prototype unit that the company debuted at the Canon Expo. As it stands the prototype is in its very early stages and seems to just be a pair of 5.5-inch LCD displays strapped to a face-mask like device.

The displays will feature 2,560×1,440 resolutions each making it one of the highest resolutions we’ve seen for virtual reality headsets to date. There are grips on the prototype which are used to hold it up to your face, so like we said it is very early in its development stage, although Engadget points out that this setup actually works better for those with glasses.

In terms of audio, users will need a separate pair of headphones, which once again just demonstrates how early in development the unit is. Now there’s no word on whether Canon plans on developing this further and making it into an actual product, or if they’re just toying around with the idea, but if anything it just goes to show what a potentially big market virtual reality is set up to be.

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