dainese airbagThe idea of motorcyclists wearing jackets with built-in airbags isn’t new. However previously, these jackets would rely on sensors built into the bike to determine when the airbags would deploy. This limited their use to certain models, which also meant that if you were to drive another bike, you might not get the same protection.

This is where Dainese’s Misano 1000 comes into play. This is an airbag jacket designed for motorcyclists in mind. There is one fundamental difference and that is the airbags within this jacket can deploy by itself, meaning that it will no longer need to rely on the bike or the sensors built into the bike to know when to go off.

This is thanks to six built-in sensors in the jacket which will monitor the wearer as many times as 800 times a second. In the event that it detects sudden change in movement, like being forcibly thrown from the bike due to a crash, it will then deploy two two-inch bladders that will protect the wearer’s more vital body parts.

Unfortunately this jacket will not come cheap. Dainese plans on selling the Misana 1000 for around $1,700 when they go on sale in November. This is considerably way more than regular bike jackets, but if safety is your primary concern, then these might be worth investing in.

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