youtube-logo-bigA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation has been made public today, and some of the information gleaned pointed fingers at Machinima, citing that they have actually forked out up to $30,000 to YouTubers to mention nothing but positive words concerning the Xbox One. This happens to be part of a secret 2013 agreement with Microsoft concerning an advertising campaign.


In this particular agreement, YouTubers were said to have been obliged not to mention anything bad at all about the console from Microsoft, and the number of good words will also extend to the launch titles associated with the Xbox One. The FTC has also recommended that Machinima should be stopped from taking a similar route down the future, as well as making sure that their paid influencers disclose in clear and no uncertain terms just when they have been paid for their endorsement earlier on. After that, Machinima also has the responsibility to check up on its YouTubers 90 days after a particular video has been uploaded.

The FTC mentioned, “In truth and in fact, the video reviews for Xbox One and the launch titles did not reflect the independent opinions of impartial video game enthusiasts.” What a bummer, don’t you think so? [Press Release]

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