lenovo-lemon-xAs many have heard by now, Lenovo owns Motorola Mobility after having bought it from Google. So far both companies have largely existed as separate entities, with Motorola designing and making their own phones, and Lenovo doing their own thing. However a report from last month suggested that moving forward, Motorola could be in charge of that process.

As it turns out that report might have been right because according to a recently leaked image, it shows off an alleged Lenovo handset dubbed the Lemon X which is said to have been designed by Motorola. From what we can tell, that certainly looks to be the case here. The rounded corners, the positioning of the camera is reminiscent of Motorola’s designs.

However the only thing different here is that Lenovo’s branding will be present on the handset instead of Motorola. It seems unlikely that Lenovo’s smartphone branding will be going away anytime soon, so don’t be confused if you see a handset that looks like a Motorola phone, only to turn it around and see a Lenovo brand on its back.

That being said, not much is known about the alleged Lemon X smartphone for now. We can only assume the Lemon X moniker is a codename, and judging from the photo and the Dolby branding on the back, perhaps we could be looking at a mid-high end device. Either way take it with a grain salt for now, but hopefully we will have more details soon.

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