mercedes benz ledTesla might be the big name at the moment when it comes to electric vehicles, but our capitalist market would see that there will be decent competition in this aspect, and Mercedes-Benz looks as though they are up to the task. In fact, we have received whispers that Mercedes-Benz would be working on an electric vehicle that will carry a range of up to 311 miles on a full charge, and other than the rather impressive range (although far from the record set by the Tesla Model S P85D), the modular nature of the EV platform that Mercedes-Benz is taking is also of great interest, since the automobile maker can easily adapt it to multiple vehicles.

Mercedes’ Thomas Weber shared, “We are working on an intelligent concept for a highly attractive electric vehicle with a range of [228-311 miles].” While Weber did mention that this ride is on its way “soon”, this is a relative word with no particular time frame attached to it, and where the automotive industry is concerned, “soon” might not happen for several more years.

Mercedes-Benz has already invested plenty in EVs and hydrogen fuel cells, but they do seem to concentrate on plug-in hybrids at the moment. All we know is, exciting times are ahead as we continue to do battle against climate change and to avert any negative consequences in the future by doing our part now.

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