rephoneJust about everyone owns a smartphone or mobile phone these days, and landlines continue to suffer the slow but sure death. Well, with so many players around in the smartphone market, you might actually think that there is the very real possibility of some folks wanting to get away from all of the commercialized hubris, and actually look for an alternative. The RePhone is a Kickstarter project that might interest you then, since it intends to transform an everyday object into a phone.


How does it work? The RePhone project actually comprises of a very small circuit board that comes complete with a SIM slot, and there is also an optional screen. Not only that, it supports Bluetooth connectivity to boot, and there is the $49 Kit Create which happens to be a diminutive system like a watch that will boast of a small case and its accompanying modules.

In other words, you end up with a small yet functional cellphone for less than $50. It will rely on programming libraries in Arduino IDE, Lua and Javascript which enables one to hook up to the Internet. Sort of like having access to your very own open source and modular phone, albeit at a very cheap price point.

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