Ever since it was launched Twitter has stuck to its 140 character limit for tweets, even to this day it’s impossible to send a tweet that’s over 140 characters, though there are several workarounds for posting larger blocks of text. One of the most popular workarounds is writing whatever it is that you want to write in a note or messaging app and then post that screenshot as an image on Twitter. It isn’t the best of experiences and many would wish that Twitter come up with a better way of sharing more text, the company is reportedly considering going beyond the 140 character limit.

While Twitter hasn’t said anything recently which could be taken as an indication that this fundamental change might be made soon, it did remove the 140 character limit from direct messages not too long ago, allowing users to have lengthy conversations in DMs quite easily.

Recode reports that Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to publish long pieces of text without having to worry about the character limit, the idea has reportedly been well received within the company, with interim CEO Jack Dorsey said to be open to the idea.

It’s not known for sure right now precisely what form this feature is going to take, whether it will be something completely different like Notes on Facebook or whether Twitter will bite the bullet and remove the 140 character limit from tweets once and for all.

Twitter is reportedly considering a change in the way links and profile handles currently contribute to a tweet’s character limit, if it stops counting those then users will get a bit more space to work with, but it still won’t be as much as many Twitter users want.

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