hackWith the spate of hacks that we have been seeing in the past year or so, it all seems to suggest that maybe a new form of security is due. Companies have started to look at two-factor authentication, where an additional one-time-generated code has to be entered along with your username and password.

We’ve also seen companies turn to hardware like fingerprint and iris scanners, but it seems that over in India, researchers have discovered a potentially new way of protecting yourself online. How is this? Through the way you type. According to the researchers, how one types is pretty unique from person to person.

According to researchers J Visumathia and P Jesu Jayarin, “As the typing pattern varies from person to person, this can be used as a suitable method for the authentication process more effective than others.” What this means is that unless the hackers are able to emulate the way or the speed that you type, they won’t be able to break into your accounts.

The researchers add that because some of the systems needed to process this information is already used by various software, it would also lead to a decrease in cost in trying to implement it. Unfortunately there was no telling if and when such a system would be introduced, but it is definitely an intriguing idea.

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