moto x pureUsually unlocking a phone’s bootloader allows users to perform more actions on their devices than they normally would. Now there are some companies that allow users to unlock the bootloaders of their devices just fine, and then you have some companies that are against users doing that.

Motorola seems to have been going back and forth with this and according to the company, it would seem that unlocking the Moto X Pure Edition’s bootloader will void its warranty. For those unfamiliar, the Pure Edition is basically the US version of the Moto X Style that was launched a couple of months ago.

According to a post in the Motorola forums by the forum manager Matt, “The new (2015) Moto X Pure is not a developer edition, so unlocking the bootloader does void the warranty. Sorry about the lack of clarity on this. We’ve been using this answer but I was double-checking it before posting.”

Like we said, Motorola had previously supported the unlocking of its bootloaders through a Bootloader Unlock program. However their stance has been changing so if you are a developer planning on using the device to create apps, or if you’re a regular user that wants to flash a ROM or use certain apps that might need the bootloader to be unlocked, you will have to proceed at your own risk.

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