youtube surveysDon’t like the ads you’re seeing on YouTube? There are ways around that, but it also seems that YouTube might have recently introduced a less annoying intrusion. According to a post on Reddit, it seems that in place of ads, YouTube has instead introduced surveys in which users can choose to fill in order to get to their video.

It is unclear as to when YouTube officially introduced this feature, but according to the feedback of some users on Reddit, many seem to be much happier about these surveys than ads, some of which force you to sit through 30 seconds before you can watch your video. However we can imagine that sometimes the surveys could be annoying when you just want to kick back and relax and enjoy the video, only to have a survey pop up.

However from what we can tell in the screenshot it seems to be timed so maybe users can just wait it out. Personally we have not encountered these surveys, but like we said some users on Reddit apparently have. Of course it is possible that these surveys might only lead to better and more targeted ads since it seems to want to know more about you.

In any case what do you guys think? Would you prefer YouTube ads or would you rather take a second or two to fill up a survey?

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