intel-supercomputer-banComputers are great at crunching numbers and figures compared to humans – supercomputers even more so, but the thing is, can they choose the most optimal path in the first place? That is the tricky bit – a computer will have to sift through even the most ridiculous of possibilities, as long as it is one, while humans are a whole lot more efficient as we filter out decisions that do not make sense even though it is a possibility. Having said that, it seems that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced a breakthrough as an intuition algorithm actually beat its human counterparts in a data test.


This new system from MIT has shown its capabilities by outperforming even the smartest of people where big data analysis is concerned. Meant to replace human intuition eventually when it comes to the search for buried patterns, the Data Science Machine as it is called, managed to outperform human teams in three data science competitions. Across the trio of competitions, the Data Science Machine ended up with predictions that were 94%, 96%, and 87% as accurate as the winning submissions, outperforming 615 of the 906 participating teams. Will we see military applications for this in the future? Perhaps, but this step in AI is definitely in the right direction.

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