If you’d rather not carry the bulk of wireless headphones on your head all day, but don’t want to deal with wired earphones, you might be interested in Elbee. Elbee is a Kickstarter project for a pair of wireless headphones. Now you might be thinking, what so special about them? For starters they are tiny, and another reason to be excited is thanks to its smart features.


While headphones are generally rated on how well they sound, users might be drawn to Elbee for other reasons, like its smart features. For example the headphones can be controlled using your smartphone, voice commands, its built-in control buttons, and the coolest of them all, your head movements (although you might get some stares in public).

Users can answer calls and access the phone through gestures, and they can also turn themselves on or off automatically. They can also inform you in the event you leave the home without them, which is basically like you going out of its range, so you won’t forget them or it might come in handy if you’re searching for it due to its diminutive nature.

The Elbee headphones are also sweat-resistant and comes with noise cancellation features. If all of this sounds good and you would like to pledge your support, the cheapest Elbee for Kickstarter contributors is available at $149. The official retail price is set at $269 so if you’d like to save yourself $120, head on over for the details.

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