candy-crush-sagaHow often have you gotten game requests from friends for some game that they are playing on Facebook? We’re pretty sure it is often, unless you were quick enough to block that game from sending you invites. However given the number of games, it would be impossible to anticipate them all and block them.

The good news is that Facebook is looking to address that. Speaking at a Q&A session held in India, facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the company will be killing off game requests soon. According to Zuckerberg, the reason for not doing it sooner was because they had other priorities.

However when it was discovered that this was one of the top things that Facebook users cared about, Zuckerberg announced that they would be doing it. He did not say when that would come into effect, but if you’re sick of those endless game invites, rest assured knowing that it will soon be dealt with.

For those wondering about why you get spammed with invites, it’s because in a bid to get more users to play their game, developers of titles such as Candy Crush place restrictions on the game, like waiting real-time for moves/lives/rewards. To not wait, users can either choose to pay real-life money or invite a friend to the game, hence the endless stream of invites you are seeing.

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