One of the problems with drones that can shoot photos and videos is that some of them tend to be pretty big and bulky, like the DJI Phantom. Granted they do make up for it by being pretty powerful, but at the same time if you want to travel with it, it can be pretty hard as it does take up a fair bit of space.

However if you want photo and video recording capabilities from a drone, then perhaps you might want to check out the PhoneDrone Ethos Kickstarter project. Basically what the PhoneDrone Ethos does is it turns your phone into a drone. How this is done is basically by slotting in your phone into the drone, which we guess could be thought of as a very hi-tech smartphone case.

The drone comes with four propellers and will basically let you fly your smartphone. There is also a camera mirror that you can attach to your smartphone, thus allowing you to capture footage from a variety of angles. It is also small enough where you could slip it into a backpack and bring it with you on trips.

That being said while the PhoneDrone Ethos is smaller than some of the drones being offered out there, it isn’t necessarily cheap either. It is priced at $275 and will include a carrying case and an extra battery. Alternatively there is just the drone by itself which is priced at $235, and for those with access to 3D printers, you can buy the files and the electronic components for $95.

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