porsche-mission-e-1Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are two new infotainment systems offered by both companies that will help turn your vehicle into a more connected one. At the moment there does not appear to be a clear winner in terms of preference given that it’s still fairly new, and in some cases we have seen carmakers offer both as an option.

However in Porsche’s case, the carmaker has opted to go with Apple’s CarPlay and have recently explained why, which is something you might also want to take into consideration if you were to go for Google’s Android Auto. According to a report from Motor Trend, the fact that Android Auto requires a bit too much information is the reason they went with CarPlay.

Too much information, you ask? According to the report, Android Auto seems to request every single bit of information available about the car and its user, like speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temperatures, engine revs, and so on. While one could argue that this would allow Android Auto to better know the vehicle and its occupant to deliver a more optimized and personalized experience, but perhaps this information could be detrimental to Porsche’s uniqueness.

Not to mention Google is building a car of their own, so handing all that information over to Google essentially for free is apparently not something Porsche was too comfortable with. Now if you value your privacy, those are things you might want to consider as well if you are still deciding between both systems.

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