wearableintelligenceWe all know that Google will be revamping their Glass technology. However it seems that despite there being a new Glass in the works, existing users of Glass are still finding a lot of use in the current version. The most recent story we heard is over in Poland where doctors, thanks to the help of Google Glass, managed to unblock a coronary artery.

How was this done? Basically through the use of Glass and augmented reality, a group of doctors helped to guide a specialist in opening up a blocked coronary artery in a 49-year old patient. This was possible thanks to three dimensional data sets and CTA which allowed doctors to zoom in and move around the images.

The fact that Glass is a hands-free device also means that doctors could take advantage of voice recognition to help command it. According to lead investigator Dr. Maksymilian P. Opolski, “This case provides proof of concept that wearable devices can improve operator comfort and procedure efficiency in interventional cardiology. Wearable devices might be potentially equipped with filter lenses that provide protection against X-radiation. We believe wearable computers have a great potential to optimise percutaneous revascularization, and thus favourably affect interventional cardiologists in their daily clinical activities.”

This isn’t the first time we have heard how Google Glass managed to help doctors. In fact we have seen the device used in all sorts of fields, like workers at the airport, to the police, and even in fashion. That being said with so much potential and use in the current version, we can’t wait to see what the next version of Glass could have in store for us.

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