ipad pro teardownIf you’re an artist or a professional that thinks that Apple iPad Pro will be good for your job, the tablet is currently available for order. However the tablet does not come cheap and is priced pretty much around the same price you might expect from a laptop, although Apple’s CEO Tim Cook does believe that the iPad Pro has the potential to replace PCs.


Whether or not you believe Cook’s statement, the fact is that the tablet is expensive and if you’d like to keep it in working condition, having it easy to repair will probably go a long way in keeping your tablet alive and well. That being said if you were hoping for the iPad Pro to be easy to repair, you might be disappointed thanks to iFixit who recently conducted a teardown.

According to their finding, it seems that they have given the tablet a 3 out of 10 in terms of repairability. They note that this is largely thanks to the fact that a lot of components seem to be glued in place, making them harder to take out. They also note that the LCD and front glass panel are fused, making it harder to replace just one component, although admittedly this seems to be the standard practice these days.

The good news is that the battery is not soldered to the logic board. This means that replacing the battery should be pretty easy and straightforward. Interestingly enough the iPad Pro has scored slightly higher than the new iPad Mini 4 which scored a 2 out of 10 for repairability.

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