We tend to hear a lot of rumors about flagship smartphones from market leaders like Apple and Samsung, there’s just so much interest in what these companies are working on, which is why these days we have started seeing rumors and reports concerning the Galaxy S7. A new rumor out of China claims that there will be a premium edition of the Galaxy S7 which will feature a 4K display.

The rumor further claims that this premium model will be exclusive to Samsung’s home base of South Korea and that it will also feature a dual-lens camera module from Sony.

Samsung has already confirmed the processor that it will be using for the Galaxy S7, the Exynos 8 Octa 8890 comes with the 1 core Mali-T880 graphics processor, which will certainly be good enough for the 2K display that the next flagship will feature.

According to the rumor this so-called premium edition of the Galaxy S7 is actually going to feature a 14 core version of the Mali-T880, since ARM states on its website that the GPU is “scalable from one to sixteen cores” this is theoretically possible, and that’s why this particular model is going to have a 4K display.

It will be the first consumer handset from Samsung to feature a 4K display if the company really does make one, but as is the case with all rumors, you must take them with a grain of salt until there’s official word from the company.

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