steam_concurrentThere are plenty of avenues in which one can purchase a video game. If you’re looking to buy it digitally, Steam is probably one of the preferred platforms that you can purchase the game from. In fact if you were looking for proof of its popularity, you won’t have to look much further than the Steam Stats page (via GameSpot).According to the figures, it seems that on the 31st of October, Steam had hit an all-time high with a record of 12.5 million concurrent users. What this means is that on that day at a certain time, there were 12.5 million users on Steam at the same time. Of whether or not they were all playing games is a different story, but that’s how many users were online at once.That being said that number has since jumped with Steam logging a peak of 13.48 million users, an increase which is pretty impressive over the span of a couple of days. The most popular title that is being played by users at the moment is DotA 2 followed by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Team Fortress 2 comes in third followed by Grand Theft Auto V.This jump to 13.48 million is quite a leap when you consider that back in June, the record was at around 10 million. With Valve boasting over 125 million active Steam accounts, this latest figure represents 10% of the platform’s entire population who are online at the same time. That’s a lot of gamers!

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