tesla model s p85dThe Tesla Model S is currently being recalled by the company. Apparently it seems that there is an issue with the car’s front seat belt that has prompted them to recall the vehicle. According to a Tesla spokesperson, there has been one instance in Europe in which the seat belt malfunctioned, but other than that there have been no incidents.


This is why the recall is taking place so that the company will be able to address the issues before anything serious actually happens. According to Tesla, what happened is that the passenger turned around to speak to the other passengers at the back and at that moment, the seat belt came loose. Tesla confirmed the fault and that this problem could potentially cause the belt to tighten incorrectly in the event of a crash.

The company has inspected about 3,000 Model S vehicles since earlier this month when the issue was first reported. The flaw can be inspected in minutes and repaired at a Tesla service center, with the cost to the company being “immaterial”. So far Tesla’s recall will see about 90,000 Model S vehicles being pulled off the road around the world.

The incident has been reported to regulators globally and while Tesla has not been required to recall the vehicles, they are doing so just to be safe. This issue is also limited to the Model S and the front seat belts, so the car’s rear seat belts should not be an issue.

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