twitter_emojiRecently Twitter replaced the ability to “favorite” tweets with “likes”, making the feature similar to Facebook and Instagram. Is this a good move by the company? We suppose for now there are some who are fine with it, and some who aren’t, but for the most part it is a pretty good balance between the two sides.


However it seems that Twitter could actually be taking things further by introducing emoji reactions. This was discovered by Twitter user @_Ninji and as you can see in the screenshot above, you can “like” tweets and add an emoji to it. What does this mean? So basically instead of a general “like”, you can add a emoji reaction so your like could indicate different levels, thus making it more dynamic.

If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, it is because Facebook is testing something similar themselves, and there are other apps such as LINE who have introduced more dynamic/reactionary likes in their platform. Unfortunately when Casey Newton of The Verge reached out to Twitter for a comment, the company coyly replied with a single emoji which we guess speaks volumes.

No word on when the feature will be rolled out in full or at all, since not all tested features will be made a reality, but what do you guys think of it so far? Is this something you would like to see applied to Twitter?

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