pew research cableBack in the day, you used to only have the TV if you wanted to watch shows, but even then local programming wasn’t exactly what you would call entertaining. Then came cable and satellite services with a bunch of new and exciting and niche channels that catered to all sorts of entertainment, ranging from movies, documentaries, food, travel, music, and etc.


However fast forward to today where we have all those things, except that they are online and many of which are free. Or at the very least they are much cheaper than having to pay for cable or satellite services and you also get to choose what you want to watch. So much so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that young adults have stopped or never bothered to subscribe to satellite or cable services.

This is according to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center where they found that approximately 1 in 5 young adults have either cancelled or never subscribed to cable or satellite services. To be more specific, their survey found that 24% did not, with young adults measured as being 18 and 29 years old.

According to their findings, 71% said that they found the services to be too expensive which was the main reason. Another 64% said they could already access the content online or via antenna, and another 46% said that they don’t watch TV often enough to warrant a subscription. Either way it does seem to show the trend towards more traditional TV services, but what do you guys think? Have you cut ties with your cable or satellite provider in favor of online options like Netflix or Hulu?

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