intel_signWhen it comes to mainstream processors used in computers, most of us are probably only familiar with two companies: Intel and AMD. However there are lesser-known chip makers in the market that cater to different needs, one of them being Altera. However in an announcement by Intel, they have successfully completed the acquisition of the company.


Intel’s plans to acquire Altera was announced back in May earlier this year, and it looks like the regulatory bodies have given their approval regarding the acquisition. For those who aren’t familiar with Altera and their products, we can’t say we blame you. Altera’s products have typically been found in devices related to networking.

While Intel does have processors aimed at networking and servers, like their Xeon lineup, one of Altera’s advantages is that their processors can be reprogrammed even after leaving the factory. This means that they are more flexible and can be catered to a variety of needs and situations.

According to Intel, they plan on continuing to sell both Intel and Altera processors, but their long-term goal would be to combine their chipsets with Altera’s technology, something that would no doubt make them a force to be reckoned with as it would increase performance especially in tasks like facial recognition, autonomous driving, and even machine learning.

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