nvidia logoWhile the whole Apple vs Samsung patent battle has somewhat died down, there is another legal battle that has been going on and this time it involves NVIDIA and Samsung. The lawsuit was launched last year in which NVIDIA sued Samsung. However Samsung then sued back and asked the ITC to block NVIDIA’s products from being sold due to alleged patent infringement.


Unfortunately it seems that things aren’t going NVIDIA’s way because according to the latest ruling by the ITC judge (via Engadget), it seems that the judge has agreed that NVIDIA had indeed infringed upon Samsung’s patents, three to be exact and could now be facing a potential sales ban because of it.

However this isn’t a done deal yet as NVIDIA still can bank on the ITC changing their mind when the case is reviewed several months from now. However there is an upside and that is one of the patents that they infringed upon expires in 2016, meaning that if the review doesn’t go in their favor, products that use said patent would only be banned for several months.

Unsurprisingly NVIDIA isn’t too thrilled by the decision and based on what we know about these kinds of patent battles, unless both sides agree to settle or come to some sort of understanding, it is very likely that this could drag on a lot longer than anyone would like.

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