uber-spotlightWith Uber making its presence felt all over the world, you can be sure that this ridesharing service has its niggles to figure out. Among them would be times when a concert or football match is over, and people would want to get back to their homes or hotels – how do you tell which Uber ride is yours? Uber has decided to do something about the situation, launching SPOT. SPOT will require drivers to install a colored LED light on the windshield, and as the passenger waits patiently to be picked up, they can opt to tap a colored button on their smartphone – which will then see the Uber with a matching colored SPOT light arrive.

This will certainly be able to clear up a whole lot of confusion along the way for sure, and passengers also have the option of holding down on one of the buttons in order to have their handset show off that particular color, waving it in the air so that the right driver can locate then.

Right now, the SPOT feature is undergoing testing in Seattle, and should it prove itself to be popular enough and of adequate assistance to Uber, do expect it to be introduced into other markets where Uber’s presence is strong.

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