informed_deliveryMore often than not the mail we receive in our physical mailboxes are spam, like leaflets and coupons to restaurants and shops. It can be annoying because sometimes they clutter our mailboxes and also because we have to figure out how to throw them away. However USPS has an idea that will help you handle your mailbox better.


They have announced a new service called Informed Delivery, and basically they will take photos of the content of your physical mailbox. Note that these aren’t actual photos of your mail, but just the contents of your mailbox so that you know what kind of packages or letters are waiting for you when you get home.

If you find that it’s just a bunch of leaflets and junk mail, you can choose to not collect your mail that day. According to USPS, they claim that this Informed Delivery service has actually been around in parts of Virginia since 2014, but it was lying dormant and they are now expanding the service to New York City and Connecticut.

If you’d like to try this new service from USPS out yourself, then head on over to its website to sign up for it. It is free of charge and open to residential users, but unfortunately for businesses you guys are out of luck.

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