xbox one eliteEarlier this year Microsoft revealed their latest gaming controller in the form of the Xbox One Elite controller. What was cool about this controller was that it was customizable, meaning that gamers could customize physically depending on the game they were playing, whether it be an FPS or an adventure game.

It is also priced a lot more than a regular controller, but it seems that they are still selling like hotcakes despite its asking price of $150. This was confirmed by Xbox boss Phil Spencer on Twitter where he wrote, “We keep shipping more in but they sell out instantly.” This was in response to a fan who had finally managed to get their hands on one of the units.

This isn’t the first time we have heard of the controller selling out. Back in November, it was revealed that supply would be limited and if you were thinking that you could get one from Amazon, you can’t as it will only arrive in the spring of 2016. Microsoft had also warned that supply would be constrained for the month of November, and it seems that December might prove to be difficult as well.

Alternatively if you want the Xbox One Elite controller, you can always get the Xbox One Elite bundle which is basically the 1TB Xbox One console that comes bundled with the controller, so if you haven’t gotten the Xbox One yet, perhaps that bundle could be worth getting.

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