tangled headphonesEveryone who owns a pair of headphones knows how easy it is for the cables to get tangled. Slip them into our pocket and less than a minute later, they’re a tangled mess. It’s almost as if someone was playing a very frustrating prank on us. That being said, you know all that time you spend untangling your headphones? Turns out it is quite a lot.


According to a post by Edward Aten, he has done the math and has come to the conclusion that on average, we would spend 3.5 days of our entire lives untangling our headphones. How did he arrive on that number? He estimates that he untangles his headphones 4 times a day, with 3 of those untangling moments being quick ones, and 1 of those being a long and complex one.

The quick ones are estimated to take 4 seconds, while the longer ones take 20 seconds. This means that on a daily basis, we spend 32 seconds untangling headphones. If you were to add all of that up, along with how many years you think you would spend wearing headphones, he arrived at a number of 3.4666 (rounded up to 3.5).

Of course this might be a bit exaggerated since some of us might take less time to untangle our headphones, but if there was ever a case for buying a pair of wireless headphones, maybe this could be it. Seems like Apple could be onto something here, huh?

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