iPhone_6C_005With Apple shifting to larger displays, it seems that there are rumors to suggest that even Apple thinks the 4-inch size is still the “right” size. The rumors are claiming that Apple has a 4-inch iPhone in the works that could launch this year, either during Apple’s March event, or maybe even at WWDC in the middle of the year.

Now according to a report from Chinese website MyDrivers (via AppleInsider), it has been suggested that a name for the 4-inch iPhone has been finalized. So far many have referred to as the iPhone 6c, or in some cases the 7c, but now the report claims that it might instead be known as the iPhone 5e.

So what does “e” stand for? Apparently this is so signify that the phone is an “enhanced” version of the iPhone 5s. The report goes on to claim that the device will be powered by an A8 chipset and will come with 1GB of RAM. There has been some back and forth regarding the specs, with some reports claiming it will be powered by an A9 chipset, while other reports such as this suggest an A8.

Either way the A8 would basically be an upgrade over the iPhone 5s. The A8 was used in the iPhone 6 and with the 1GB of accompanying RAM, one could think of this phone as being the iPhone 6 but in a smaller package. Other rumored features include being able to use Apple Pay, but as of now it seems like 3D Touch is still a no-go.

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