I suppose one can say that it is inevitable with the booming industry of drones which has seen close to 300,000 registrations with the FAA since such a rule was implemented. Here we are with word that the Drone Racing League has now kicked off a global professional drone racing circuit, where there will be venues which range from football stadiums to abandoned malls.

It would be cool if one were to be able to see an environment that looks like the Death Star Trench Run, and drones get to zip in and about, minus the lasers, of course. It is truly a test of one’s skill as well as engineering prowess, and you can be sure that with a higher level of interest picking up, there is sure to be sponsorship money that will follow afterwards.

These drones are not slow and bumbling models, but can hit speeds of over 80 miles per hour, and will be piloted via a remote control. The pilot will have to wear a pair of goggles that show off the first-person view from the drone’s perspective. These custom drones cannot be purchased anywhere else, but have been constructed by the DRL for their races. The league will comprise of half a dozen events, with the first race kicking off at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami on February 22.

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