According to the definition of wakeboarding, it describes “the sport of riding on a short, wide board resembling a surfboard and performing acrobatic maneuvers while being towed behind a motorboat.” Take part of that definition and apply it to drones, and you’ll have a new sport called droneboarding which seems to be catching on.

Just in case it wasn’t already obvious, droneboarding is where you hop on top of a snowboard, tether it to a drone, and let the drone pull you forward completely controlled by someone else. That being said, drones aren’t powerful enough where they can give us the same level of speed as a motorboat, but the ability to be able have someone else control your snowboarding experience might be pretty freeing.

If we were to make droneboarding a proper sport, what we are going to need are much more powerful drones. Right now as you can see in the video above, the person being towed along by the drone is a child, meaning that they are considerably lighter than adults. It also looks a bit slow, but we can imagine that if there were more power drones pulling it, it would be pretty exhilarating, but what do you guys think? Anyone interested in going droneboarding?

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