fb statsIt is safe to say that Facebook is currently the largest social networking website in the world. Last July, Facebook’s updated stats boasted that the social network saw as many as 1.49 billion monthly active users, but it seems that less than a year later, those numbers have increased even further.

According to the latest numbers in a Facebook Community Update, the social network is now boasting that they play home to 1.59 billion monthly active users, a jump of 100 million users in a span of less than a year. In addition to those numbers, Facebook is also claiming that 100 million hours of video is being watched per day.

They also claim that there are 1 billion users on Groups, and 80 million users on Facebook Lite, which for those unfamiliar is basically a version of Facebook designed for users in emerging markets where internet might not be as fast as some parts of the world. The social network also revealed that there were 123 million events created in 2015.

In terms of revenue, Facebook is suggesting that the majority of their advertising revenue is coming from mobile, 80% to be specific. This is an increase from Q3 last year where it was 78%. It’s not a huge jump but it does show that it is climbing.

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