google_install_appsSay you’re searching for something on Google on your mobile device. In the past, Google would prompt users to install an app if it deemed that it had information relevant to what you were looking for. This would launch the Google Play Store in which users could choose if they wanted to install the app.


However according to the folks at Android Police, Google has changed things and will now actually allow users to install apps directly from the search results itself. This means that users can cut down time in terms of launching the Play Store in which it will have to load the app, so while this might seem trivial, it is more efficient, as you can see in the screenshots above.

Take note that there are some limitations to this feature, namely how it will only work if users were to search on Google via the Google app. This means that using it in third-party browsers, or even Google Chrome, on your mobile device won’t let you use the feature. We’re not sure if this will be rolled out eventually to Chrome, but for now it is limited to the Google app.

Also note that this does not seem to be available in all regions yet. Android Police reports that this feature was actually launched last month but has only been making its rounds on a wider scale in recent times, so if you don’t see it yet, we expect that it will eventually make its way to you.

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