A European startup called LSee has introduced a new e-health solution to reduce body fast as well as increase diet and exercise efficiency. The LSee connected device has been showcased at CES 2016, it lets users personalize diets and exercise routines and is actually capable of measuring metabolism in real time, before or after meals and exercises that help users adapt their behavior to effectively achieve their weight loss goals.

It’s different from existing solutions as LSee identifies most appropriate and beneficial activities for optimal health by taking into account the user’s metabolism. It even lets users test levels of fat degradation in their blood with a standard testing strip that only requires a single drop of blood.


The metabolic tracker can recognize activities like running, swimming, biking as well as niche outdoor sports like hiking and kayaking. LSee has been designed for everyday use based on the user’s individual needs and it provides immediate feedback through accurate monitoring.

100 percent accuracy is promised for the metabolic tracker, the testing process is discrete, takes less than a minute and the device itself is easy to carry. The connected tracker has only been demoed for now at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, no word as yet on when it’s going to be released to the public and how much it’s going to cost.

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