Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your Tesla is being charged up while you’re stuck inside the office all day? You will have peace of mind and wouldn’t have to worry about running out of charge on your way back home. To make that happen, it appears that Tesla has teamed up with on-demand valet service Luxe so that it not only parks your Tesla but also charges it.


According to the report Luxe will work with Tesla to provide charging and other services for its cars when users book parking through the Luxe app. It’s also said that eventually Tesla will pre-install Luxe in car dashboards so drivers can access parking and additional services like car washes from within their Tesla.

This partnership appears to be in beta stage right now and only available to Tesla owners in San Francisco and New York. Tesla owners must have the Luxe app downloaded and must tell it their destination before they leave or when they’re up to 100 miles away from it. They will then be matched with one of Luxe’s valet who will be present on arrival to park the car in one of Luxe’s secure parking lots.

Users will also be able to order a charge as part of this service aside from other options like a car wash, they can avail overnight storage and drive-home options as well that Luxe already provides to other car owners. Returns within 20 minutes and seven-day advance bookings are also offered.

Charging cost varies from $15 for a 1 X EV charge excluding parking cost, all the way up to a package of 5 EV charges for $65 plus parking cost. Information about subscriptions available to Tesla owners in San Francisco and New York City is available on Luxe’s website.

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