lumia-950xlMicrosoft has been lagging behind in the smartphone game, but with every major version of Windows that they push out, their market share grows by a bit. So how is Windows 10 Mobile faring? From a big picture perspective, it probably is just a blip on the radar compared to iOS and Android, but in the overall Windows ecosystem, it seems to be doing alright.


According to a recent Windows Weekly podcast (via Windows Central), ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley revealed that it is possible that there are about 1 million devices that have Windows 10 Mobile installed on them. The podcast saw Foley breaking down the 200 million Windows 10 installs that Microsoft had previously announced.

In that breakdown, 180 million is said to have been on the PC side, 18 million of those installs were for the Xbox One as part of the New Xbox One Experience update, and the remaining 1 million plus were said to be for smartphones under the Windows 10 Mobile banner. However Foley notes that these numbers are not official as they are based on what her source has told her.

Then again, Foley’s reports have been pretty accurate in the past so there is a possibility that she could be right on the money. We expect it will be a while before we start seeing Windows 10 Mobile gain more traction, especially since there aren’t that many devices with it yet, but it does seem to be rather promising.

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