There aren’t a lot of companies out there selling smart mirrors, the kind that lets you follow up on the news and such while you check yourself out in the morning. You can find plenty of instructions for DIY projects on the internet since many have attempted to create the perfect one but perhaps none have been more successful than Max Braun, a software engineer at Google. He really has created the perfect smart bathroom mirror.


Braun used a two-way mirror, a controller board, a display panel with several other components and supplies to put this all together. The result is something that looks truly amazing.

To the right there’s the time and date with the current weather and a 24-hour forecast being displayed to the left. Underneath recent news headlines are displayed. For the most part the text and icons are monochrome but when the weather is cloudy there will be a little color in the UI, this has been done to ensure that the elements are not too distracting.

This user interface is powered by Android APIs, Forecast for weather and Associated Press for news. Braun is playing with other concepts now that involve basically everything that has a Google Now card like traffic data and reminders. The ultimate aim is to have no need for direct interaction with the UI, it will update automatically, with open-ended voice search for everything else.

Braun says that this is just a prototype and that he’s going to work more on both the hardware and the software, even if he doesn’t do that, I’m already throwing money at my monitor but sadly, nothing’s happening.

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