ios_9_adoption_febLast month we reported that the latest version of iOS, iOS 9, was sitting at an adoption rate of 75%. This is very impressive especially when you consider that competing platforms like Windows 10 Mobile and Android have yet to have their latest update make their way to the majority of their devices.

Unfortunately for Apple, it seems that iOS 9’s adoption rate could be stagnating. According to the latest figures on the Apple Developer support page, it shows that iOS 9 has only increased by a mere 2% in the past month. Given that we’ve seen iOS 9 adoption grow much faster, this would seem to suggest that adoption has somewhat stagnated.

It is unclear as to why users are less willing to update to the latest build. It is possible that given that iOS 9 has supposedly crippled the iPhone 4S that users are unwilling to take the chance on some of their older iOS devices. Typically what we have seen is Apple easily hit the 80-90% when it is close to the next update’s release, but based on this it looks like iOS 9 is struggling.

That being said, Apple is working on a new update to iOS 9 in iOS 9.3 that will bring about a host of new features, so hopefully those new features will be enough to convince iOS users to make the upgrade.

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