The saying that we should not try and reinvent the wheel basically means that why fix what isn’t broke. We have to wonder if the same could be said about the humble pair of scissors which for the past few thousand years, have more or less kept its design. Sure, we’ve seen some changes like changing the grip, but for the most part scissors look and function the same way.


However a startup has decided to try their hand at reinventing the scissors and it looks like they might have done that with the Right Shears. As you can see in the video above, right off the bat the Right Shears is more than just giving the scissors a new grip or handle. It gives it a new way to cut by angling the scissors at a 90-degree angle.

According to its creator, Shane Vermette, apparently this offers up better ergonomics when handling the blade, but since we haven’t tried them for ourselves, we can’t really attest to those claims. However apart from just offering up better ergonomics, it seems that the Right Shears has the potential to help those with medical conditions.

Vermette said that he has received messages from many interested customers who thinks that the Right Shears could be useful for people suffering from arthritis. “I get messages from folks who can’t wait to use Right Shears because they have a father with arthritis, or they suffer from fibromyalgia and have a hard time with regular scissors. I hope Right Shears can help them.” Unfortunately pricing and availability of the Right Shears is still unclear, but Vermette claims to be working with various manufacturers and plans on launching a crowdfunding campaign once that has been settled.

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