ipad-review-2012-04Apple released its latest iOS 9.3 update a couple of days ago, and as is the case with updates, usually older devices have a problem handling them namely due to older hardware that might not be able to keep up with the update. We suppose this is the natural course of things, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that there are reports of users with older iPads who are having issues installing the update.

According to the reports found on Apple’s support forums, it seems that users with older iPads are the only ones affected. From what we can tell, this has affected users of the original iPad, the iPad 2, and the third-generation iPad. We’re not sure if there are other iPads affected, like the first or second-generation iPad minis, or if older iPhones are affected as well.

Users are reporting that after installing the update, their devices are bricked or will not activate. For now it seems like it is also limited to users who might have installed it OTA, as opposed to plugging it into their computers and updating via iTunes. There are some who have had luck recovering their tablets, but there are some who have gone for more than 24 hours with a dead iPad.

Like we said, support for older devices does lessen over time, but to render devices unusable does seem to be a bit too much. We’re not sure if this is a bug or if their hardware was just unable to handle the update, but either way if you do have an older iPad, maybe you might want to hold off on updating your tablet just yet.

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