Amazon has been in the business of making original content through Amazon Studios for a couple of years now. The studio has produced some award-winning originals for Amazon and it looks like the company is set to take it further. A new report claims that the company is interested in virtual reality and that Amazon Studios is currently engaged with multiple companies to start making virtual reality content.

Virtual reality is a relatively new trend in the market these days. There is a wide variety of VR viewers and powerful headsets to choose from, and a greater push into VR content is already visible even by traditional movie studios that didn’t jump too quickly on this technology.

Not a lot of details are available right now about Amazon Studios’ VR ambitions, it’s said that talks with potential partners are in early stages, so it might take a while before something official is announced.

It goes without saying that owing to the rise in popularity of VR content, it’s not shocking to see Amazon Studios trying to get a piece of the pie as well and if the current trend is any indication it’s going to be a very big pie indeed.

Currently, there are no reports about Amazon building a virtual reality headset of its own but that’s something which remains possible because should it decide to do so, it won’t take Amazon too long to make its own VR headset as well.

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