chrome mobileGoogle’s Chrome is an incredibly popular browser, both for mobile and desktop. The fact that it can sync either platform also helps with its popularity, meaning that users won’t need to create new bookmarks or new browser history because what you save on the desktop version of Chrome will sync to the mobile version, and vice versa.

Which is why like we said, it is a popular choice amongst users. So much so that according to the latest numbers offered up by Google, it seems that they can now boast that Chrome for mobile has more than 1 billion monthly active users on both iOS and Android combined. Note that this is for the mobile version of Chrome, so you can imagine that if we were to look at the combined numbers of the desktop version, it could be even higher.

Just last year, Google was already boasting of having 800 million users, so for Google to manage to nab an additional 200 million in about 6 months is a pretty impressive feat. Breaking down those numbers, Google states that there are about 771 billion pages loaded every month, and 500 billion characters are saved from having being typed thanks to search autocomplete.

Google also claims that 2 million gigabytes of data are being saved every month thanks to Chrome’s data-saving features, along with 3.6 billion webpages being translated automatically, and it also looks like Google has paid out $2.5 million in reward money for catching security holes in Chrome.

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