htc-desire-mwc-2106HTC has confirmed a couple of weeks ago that come 12th of April, they will be officially unveiling their next-gen flagship, the upcoming HTC 10. However if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that that will not be all HTC will be unveiling. A tweet by @LlabTooFeR has suggested that HTC could have additional devices to announce.


Unfortunately if you were hoping that it would be the rumored HTC 10 mini, you might be disappointed. Instead the rumor claims that we can expect HTC to unveil a new Desire handset. HTC’s Desire handsets are separate from their flagship lineup and are usually low-mid ranged handsets with relatively affordable price tags.

So in case the HTC 10’s pricing isn’t to your liking, and chances are it will be priced as a flagship would, then hopefully the new HTC Desire will be more wallet-friendly. As it stands the rumor does not mention what kind of Desire handset this will be and what kind of specs we might be able to expect, so for now it’s really anyone’s guess.

In any case it’s best taken with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully in the coming days more information will be revealed, but either way do check back with us on the 12th of April for all the official details.

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