magic_mouseWith the Apple Watch, Apple introduced a feature called Force Touch which basically allowed users to call up additional functionality by pressing down harder on the screen, versus a tap or a long hold. They then brought this feature onto the MacBook and also to the iPhone in the form of 3D Touch.


Obviously the technology is here to stay and according to a recent patent discovered by PatentlyApple, it looks like Apple could be considering bringing the idea to their next-gen Magic Mouse.

According to the patent’s description, “[…] the selection elements typically only detect whether or not a force exceeding a particular threshold has been applied and cannot determine the actual amount of force that has been applied within a range of force amounts. […] A force sensing input device (such as a force sensing mouse) includes at least one force sensor and at least one top portion movably connected to at least one bottom portion.”

Like we said, the technology isn’t going anywhere so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Apple might want to expand it to other products like the Magic Mouse, or potentially even the Magic Trackpad. However for now it remains only as a patent so there’s really no telling if Apple will do such a thing, but for Magic Mouse users out there, how does the idea of a Force Touch mouse sound to you?

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