iphone_256gbBack in the day, the 64GB iPhone used to be the biggest option around, and it made sense because files used to be smaller back then, like apps would use lower-res textures, and videos were also kept at 720p and not many people cared about 2K or 4K video quality either, which is why there was never a need for more storage.

However these days some apps weigh several gigabytes, and pictures and videos also eat up more storage, which is why Apple bumped it to 128GB with the iPhone 6, but could they be thinking of introducing a 256GB model? According to recently leaked components, it shows some SanDisk NAND chips that are allegedly for the iPhone 7 Plus, and it looks like 256GB is one of the options.

What’s interesting is the fact that it seems to suggest that it is only for the iPhone 7 Plus model. So far Apple has kept their regular iPhone and Plus models relatively similar, with the difference being in screen size, resolution, battery, and maybe camera features, but for the most part you probably couldn’t tell them apart.

However with the iPhone 7 Plus rumors, they are suggesting that Apple will differentiate the models with a dual camera lens setup, and now it looks like 256GB storage options will be one of the differentiating factors as well. As always with Apple rumors (and all rumors actually), it’s best taken with a grain of salt, but how many of you guys would love to have a 256GB storage option?

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