land roverThink of Android and you might think of brands like LG or Samsung, but it seems that everyone wants a slice of that Android pie because according to a report from Pocket-lint, it seems that the carmaker Land Rover will also be throwing their hat into the Android ring by announcing plans for their own smartphone.

Note that Land Rover themselves won’t be building the actual device. If anything it just sounds like they’ll be lending their name and their input, and they will actually be teaming up with British company Bullitt who will be building the handset for them. For those unfamiliar, Bullitt has in the past helped companies like Caterpillar build smartphones, so this should give you an idea of what to expect from them.

Unfortunately at the moment it is anyone’s guess to what kind of specs we might be looking at, but like we said, Bullitt has built phones for companies like Caterpillar, and given Land Rover’s reputation for creating vehicles that are meant to be tough/rugged, chances are we could be looking at a handset designed to withstand the elements.

There is also no official word on a release date, but Pocket-lint has speculated that we could be looking at an early 2017 release.

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