We have heard stories of how long some people have spent playing video games. However if there were to be a world record on how long one can stay in virtual reality playing games, could you guess what that number would be? Turns out that number is 25 hours straight, set recently by a certain Derek Westerman.

According to Westerman, he wanted to set a world record for the number of hours spent in virtual reality. Guinness was up for it and one of the conditions they set was that Westerman could only attempt this record with a single game, which he chose to be “Tilt Brush”, which is basically a virtual reality painting experience.

Westerman says, “I wanted to pick something that gave me the most freedom. And painting in 3D space for 25 hours seemed like the best bet.” Now what this also means is that he could not take the headset off or else his time would end, which also meant that he had to eat, drink, and even go to the bathroom in a bucket.

Given that motion sickness can affect users who take part in virtual reality, Westerman actually threw up at the 17 hour mark, although we can’t say we blame him. That being said, 25 hours is a very impressive feat, although we’re not sure if after that Westerman has plans to return to virtual reality anytime soon.

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